• From Brussels Central station: Take bus 29 (Direction: Hof Ten Berg) or 63 (Direction: Cimetière de Bruxelles) for 5 stops, until Saint Josse Square. From the square you can walk around 50 meters to the atelier (Rue Verbist 6).
  • Metro: Take the blue (6) or orange (2) line and get off at the metro stop ‘Madou’. Walk 200 meters in the direction of Saint Josse Square. Our atelier is another 50 m from the Square (Rue Verbist 6).
  • By car: You can park in all streets around the atelier, but be aware as you might have to pay parking fees.


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When do you deliver my parcel?

We send parcels on Wednesday’s with Bpost 24hr service. Delivery takes maximum 24h under normal circumstances, so you can expect to receive your order on Thursday.
Unfortunately, we don’t have control over your order as soon the parcel is in the hands of the transport company. Delays can occur due to capacity issues or unforeseen circumstances. We package the food in a way to guarantee an optimal freshness for minimum 48hrs, sometimes more depending on the outside weather conditions and temperatures. We also avoid shipping too close to the weekends to avoid that parcels are stuck in a warehouse for days.

What if no one's home for delivery?

You will get status updates concerning your package. Please refer to the tracking link to see the status of your parcel.
If you’re not home, Bpost will leave your parcel at the closest pickup point for later retrieval.
It’s up to our clients to quickly retrieve the parcel. The cooled temperature of the goods can only be guaranteed during the first 48 hrs of transport.

How do I prepare and conserve the foods?

You can find recommended cooking instructions for each product on the Product Page

What about allergies?

You can find the allergens for each product on the Product page. If you have a severe allergy and you want to make extra sure, do not hesitate to reach us via the contact form, we’ll be glad to help you!

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