Everything was beyond any expectations, we enjoyed everything, from the ‘Goat’ and Blue Cheez, Salami, to the “Chicken wings” Ribs and Lasagna. The desserts are also amazing. I will definitely follow everything you do!

Deborah Repullo Jennen

Please make the Bolognese sauce a standard offer! IT IS SORCERY. Never in my 4 years veggie/vegan have I eaten a bolognese sauce that is NOT AT ALL distinguishable form the actual meat bolognese! SO glad I ordered multiple portions. 🙂

Tanja De Hauwere

OMG! We are just eating your Pesto Lasagna, and we have no words to describe! It’s SO amazing.

Priscilla Cesar

I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this great surprise, you definitely have magic hands and you put vegan cooking to another level!

Astrid Demaret

It’s so hard to find good vegan food in Brussels, this city definitely needs to step up its’ game. But your food was simply delicious! I just couldn’t get enough. Thank you so much.

Eva Eysermans

The dishes were finger licking! Really incredibly tasty! As far as we are concerned, it is definitely one of the culinary highlights of the year! Chapeau.

Eelke Piter Greidanus

It was really great! On our event, it was raining compliments. Even from the biggest meat eaters. Not one dish was inferior in taste.

Ann Keustermans

It was sooo good, your food is simply amazing!.

Marianna Tuokkola

The ‘egg salad’ was to die for. I wish I had a giant pot of it. It was gone in 3hrs.

Senna Rees